Statistically, Robb Holla should be dead or in jail. But his success as a preeminent author, speaker, and youth empowerment speaker is living proof that your past does not determine your future. Severe speech impediments, major third-degree burns as a toddler, and decades of bullying only served to motivate Robb to find a way to impact others.

Robb is renowned for his ability to speak to teens on their level, grab their attention, make them laugh, and leave a lasting impact that they will not soon forget.

Mr. Holla is more than just a speaker. He is a person who truly understands what it takes to be a leader and the attributes that go along with it. Many times we have professional speakers address our students with mixed results. In the case of Mr. Holladay, our students were so in awe of his message that they lined up after the assembly to speak with him.

Jimmy D. Dawson

Principal, Granbury ISD

Featured on TV, radio, newspapers, and the like, Robb Holla is an internationally in-demand teen expert and youth motivational speaker who presents to hundreds of thousands from coast to coast around the US and Canada.

Robb understands that students today need to be reached in new and innovative ways. From cell phones to Twitter updates, Facebook  to  YouTube, teens have both grown up in and created a culture that has redefined what it means to connect. Robb understands. He has dedicated his life to connecting with and empowering students everywhere. On any given day, he can be found speaking on stages around North America and answering questions as a highly sought-after teen help advocate. For Robb, it’s not about just talking to students; it’s about connecting with them where they are.

When listening to Robb, your students will find themselves laughing and actively participating from start to finish, all while learning valuable lessons along the way.

Today, Robb resides in Dallas, TX amongst friends and family who inspire him daily.